October 20, 2014


Pars - Montmartre - David Byrne Paris - David Byrne

How Music Works by David Byrne

Over the summer, I finally got my hands on How Music Works by the master himself, David Byrne. It's over 400 pages long but I managed to stay interested throughout the whole thing (I say this as if it's a triumph because I've been having a hard time finishing books lately!) As a musician, I thought it would be cool to maybe... kind of... sooort of understand the music industry... you know, it could come in handy. How Music Works was wonderful and so useful. I don't know what someone who isn't in the music world would think – if you are a big Talking Heads fan, then it's a must, if you don't really care about knowing more about music or David Byrne, well, get your hands on another classic because we only have one life and there are far too many books to read (I always get anxious about this. I'll never read them all). If you are interested, here are some real reviews:

October 18, 2014


spoleto's 2 spoleto's 1

Forgive me guys, I realize these are not the most appetizing pictures. I didn't take my camera so I asked a friend if I could use her iphone. And, well, you know, there you go. 

spoleto's 3 spoleto's 4 spoleto's 5

In early September, Northampton (oh this lovely town) had a "Northampton Restaurant Week". A long list of restaurants participated. They each offered special 3-course meals for 20 or 25 dollars. Not too bad for three courses! So I grabbed four other friends and we went to a place I'd never been to before: Spoleto's. I have to say, we were all really really happy with our meals. I got the filet mignon with fries and it was amazing. I live in France, shouldn't I have had filet mignon by now!? This may be normal (or not) but I usually always need ketchup with my fries. That's just how I like them. Well the filet mignon pepper sauce was delicious and I didn't even bother with ketchup. Finally, the trio of chocolate mousse, chocolate flourless cake and chocolate dipped strawberry... so good! We left (very) full and satisfied! 

spoleto's 6 spoleto's 7

It's the middle of October and I still have a bunch of places I'd like to go to before I leave in the middle of December. How will I fit them all in my schedule? Or actually, where will I find the money? If you are ever in Northampton, ask me for a list of recommendations! I've been around. 

October 16, 2014


Style Icon - Fashion - Trend

beautiful photo from The Northern Light

Can someone please tell me how the whole "posting pictures from Pinterest onto your blog" thing works? I see so many blogs that post pictures they've found (on Pinterest or other blogs) and then link them or don't link them back to the original source. Is it technically illegal but people do it anyway? I've started looking up every single source for the pictures I post and am only posting if somewhere on the website/blog it says something along the lines of "feel free to use my images as long as there’s a clear link to this website." I think we should all do that... 

Because of my fear that, hey you're not supposed to be posting pictures that are not yours, I will be sharing many links from now on. 

  • when I pinned this image, I got some Pinterest notifications right away. Beautiful, right?
  • Olivia Palermo, so effortless, so lovely! HERE
  • again, the girl from the first picture. Love this image.
  • not that I'm so into colors these days (I wear what I have but if I want to buy something new, it'll be black) but this is lovely
  • see? all black. Looking cool.
  • ooooor black & white & grey
  • also my uniform - HERE

Though I pin a lot of images to my style board, I don't actually know what is going in the fashion world. What is trendy, fashionable these days? Why is everything so baggy? I'm small with kind of wide hips (I think), baggy looks even less attractive on me. A lot of crazy stuff out there... I like simple √† la Audrey Hepburn. Oh that lady has style... She's a fashion icon. 

October 14, 2014


Granola Bar Fall Recipe

Picture from wonderful my name is yeh

Pinterest is dangerous when it comes to pinning pictures of food. You just start getting so hungry... You start craving everything you just pinned. Being in college, I eat whatever is in the dining hall or go out to restaurants, so I try to keep the food pinning at times when I know it won't kill me to look at pictures of food! It's interesting to note there are certain times of day I can look at food and say, That looks good, I'll make it some day and others when just one picture of a fallen souffl√© chocolate cake means I need something sweet right now. When I get home, I don't even know where I will start. There are so many recipes to try. I might be able to try a few at Thanksgiving. 

Fall is a time for warmth and pumpkin (yes, I am one of those people) and soups and coats. I'm glad my last semester at Smith is in the fall because autumn Massachusetts is all they say it is. It's a wonderful place to be at this time of year. We start to crave food that is rich and decadent and hot. It's funny to see what I've been into lately. I've added quite a few new subcategories to my food Pinterest board. I've had a "Pumpkin" Pinterest board since the very beginning but I just added a fig Pinterest board, a matcha Pinterest board, an "alcoholic desserts" Pinterest board! Honestly, if you're strong enough to resist temptations, I urge you to check them out. I've pinned some pretty delicious stuff. Here are 10 recipes that I'd like to make now... (11 if you count the picture, which I do)


ohhhh brown butter pumpkin granola

Debatable, but I'm certainly in – rabbit in almond sauce

pumpkin streusel muffins

I want salmon no matter what the season... salmon with beet sauce

I bet this is better than the fake *$ kind... pumpkin spice latte

oh so delicious sticky buns

apple, sage & cheddar scones... thanks I'll take one

bourbon ice cream, anyone?

smoked almond gravy to put on everything

healthy crustless pumpkin pie

What do you guys think? Worth making these recipes, right? I just got a fresh batch of the homemade granola Jim (dining hall cook) makes in Emerson/Cushing. I'm the number one fan of that granola and he even let me watch him make it once so I could learn. So when I get back home, I am definitely making granola. Top of my list, it is! Pumpkin, or not. Let me know if you try any of them out and I'll post links to your blogs in the next round! Have a great day. 

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